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Why you should invest in softskills.

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The reason for investing in education is often about getting the right kvalifications, developping one self, or to getting higher paid. Of course you could invest in education just for learings sake. But in the end you need something that pays you bills and you will need a way to document your competence in one way or another. It doesn`t nescesary mean you have to go to a university. It totaly depends on what it is you want to do.

It`s not easy to choose wich education will suite you best. And how do you know when you are 17 what you want to work with when you are 30? At least I didn`t know that! Then it`s at least some comfort to know that it`s normal to change. It`s not the way anymore that you pick your proffesion once, for life, and that`s it.

But wich competenses will society need in the future? Hard skills and soft skills are hot topics now a days. Hard skills is more about technincal skills, or what you actually do, what you have «on paper». In the same time hard skills is at no value without soft skills. Soft skills is about how to get allong with other people, communication, problemsolving etc.While hard skills are something it can take time to upgrade, soft skills are something we can work on and get better at every day. It will always be a good investment to work on soft skills! Google it, read a book or two about it and find out what you think about it for your self. Or take a look at these articles;

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