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Changing language

Thank you for the feedback and for motivating me!

A friend of mine wanted me to start writing in English! So, I`m going to challenge my self to do that!

We`ll see if I get the chance to translate some of the previous post later on. But from now on, I will continue to write in English :)

In writing my masterthesis I had a goal for today to fokus on the «background» chapter. That is the Norwegian education history dated back to the 1990. How «sleepy» doesn`t that sound. But I need it to kind of describe what made us come to where we are today. And during the previous night some snow came. So me and my youngest needed to og out for a while to remove some of the snow, that meens playing around the house for my boy :D But between housework and x numbers of cups of coffie I at least got something done. And my experience is that half of the work is kind of beeing in the prosess.The ofter half of the prosess is actually believing I can do it, to finnish before the month of may. Seriously doubt myself sometimes, but it`s my goal, I just need to keep going, right? ;)

XOXO –Ida Karolina

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