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"Kids don`t remember their best day of television"

May is already here! Here`s some moments of April ..

Can`t believe how time flies. Yesterday was 1 May. We went for a walk in the forest with some friends of ours. Awesome spring weather and a good way to start of the month.

I love the picture above of my boys. My cap on insta for this is "Kinds don`t remember their best day of television". Don`t remember where I heard it, but it`s just so true! And the story behind this capture is just that I often have to take some picture when they not are so aware of it, or they will get tired of it after 2 minutes. Of all the pictures from the forest, this was a lucky shot. Although it`s a bit blurry I love the way the light is coming down from behind the trees.

And this is the view from the top. No description needed ;) Forgot to take a selfie thou.. ;)

XOXO - Ida Karolina

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