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How to survive university and being a mom

First of all; congratulations on your choice on becoming a student. To invest in yourself and to invest in learning is one of the wisest decision you can do! Here are some of my thoughts on combining student life with mom life. Becoming a mom changes everything. However, it does not mean life is over. If your dream is to go after an education, do it!

Make a plan, and stay on top of it. The plan will adjust as you go along. It might help you to keep the stress level under control when you write down the things you need to do and when to do it. Also, plan to take breaks! Let`s just be honest. It is extremely tiring when a toddler keeps you up at night and you have to go to class and stay bright the day after. You will become tired, and that is OK. Plan when you can have brakes and recharge.

Priorities are fundamental. Let go of the felling that you have to study all the time. You don`t. Make a choice on what the important things in your life are. Maybe you won`t get straight A`s. Maybe passing the course is a victory. However, being a mom is most important. You can use this as a good example at a job interview on how you handle stressful situations. Getting A is not everything in this life. What good will getting A be to you if life passes you by, or you don`t make any friends or develop zero social skills? Getting the dream job is not all about good grades. It has a lot to do with the personal chemistry as well.

One of my best advises to surviving university and being a mom is to get enough sleep. This is almost the hardest part. It`s just sooo much that needs to be done in the daytime. We can handle sleep loss in short periods of our life. More than that will become destructive in many ways and give you more negative consequences than you actually gain from not prioritizing early nights.

Other than that; eat well and get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise. In other words, you need to take care of yourself to be the best mom you can be. Find a study mate. It`s good to have someone in the same situation to discuss things with, to share notes and study together with.

What`s the worst thing that could happen? To fail an exam? It is not the end of the world to fail an exam -then you just try again.

If at first you don`t succeed -fix your ponytail and try again ;)

xoxo - Ida Karolina

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