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Camping trip

The weather has been awesome this weekend. We are only at the end of May and it feels like we already have some July weather. The thing is that you never know how the summer will turn out. That`s why it`s so important to seize the moment and enjoy the moments of summer that one gets. So that when September comes one can have the experience that there were good days, even though there might have been many grey or rainy days.

We decided the night before to go on a camping trip. This time of year is perfect if some warm and sunny days comes around. The mosquitoes and gnats are not out yet, but the night can be a bit chilly. Here are some of my pictures from this weekend. Enjoy :)

Hiking at an old timber slider outside Vennesla. Beautiful place!

The backpack is full of batteries for the camera, wonder where he gets it from ..

After hiking it was time to find a place to put up the tent for the night.

Being a fan of The public right to access we found a place that looked good, and made a camp.

My master chef junior making us dinner and sleeping outdoors is the best! This was less than hour away from home. You don`t have to go far to find an adventure.

Monday morning I`m ready for you now!

XOXO Ida Karolina

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