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Invest in yourself

Of the money you make every month, remember to also invest in yourself. Investing in yourself with time for yourself and reward for yourself and to recharge yourself. If you are empty, how will you manage to help anyone else. Unfortunately woman tend to forget about themselves while taking care of everyone else.

To invest in yourself is also about what «input» you get. What you educate yourself whit and what you read. This investment don`t have to cost you a lot of cash. Get a library card if you don`t have one. Watch YouTube videos on a topic you need to learn, or read articles online. Be critical and make up your own opinion.

One person who really inspires me is Tai Lopez. He says in this article that "If you aren't prioritizing and setting aside time for your own development, you're going to fall stagnant".. "You have to make the time, and invest that time wisely, no differently than if you were to invest any amount of money in yourself."

what are you reading?

- Ida Karolina

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