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August is a good time for a new start.

For me August always have been a good time for a new start. I`m not such a big fan of new years eve. But this time of year makes up for it. It`s been a while since my last post. In fact it has been a whole summer. This post is a quick summing up of my summer.

One summer goes fast. In Scandinavia the number of warm summer days are limited. So when the sun is out, you really just need to make the most out of it. This end of moths collages helps me to see that there really were some good days this month as well.

In July we have been driving about 2600km to visit my family. That is about 1300 km each way. July started off with some days in Stavanger where we got to meet some of the families newest addition. After some days of just being at home and doing stuff that needed to be done we drove to Daftö camping outside Strömstad. We spent four beautiful days here with some friends before we drove of to my sister in Söderhamn. The next day the drive continued whit my sister joining us in our car and we drove up to Skellefteå were we had a week together with the rest of our family there. The week went fast with family time and shopping Swedish groceries to a good price.

Sunday we came home. Tuesday 1 August I started working at my new job! I will have to write about that in an new post!

What I really want to say is; time goes by to quickly, seize the moment, make the most out of it <3

On this day me and Sigurd has been husband and wife for 13 years!

Love you to the moon and back- You`re my one in 7.5 billion. I`m the luckiest girl on earth to be with you <3

XOXO - Ida Karolina

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