• Ida Karolina

Age is just a number

Why is it that we group people by age? All the way from kindergarten and at school people are sorted by age. I mean this is not being questioning enough.

I have never felt like I belong at my biological age. Before I was 18 I just wanted to look older. In the 20`s I wish I could pull the emergency brake and just stay. First I was a bit offended when I was asked to show ID. After a while it turned out to be the biggest compliment of the day.

People often assume that I am younger than i really am. But why does it matter? Why is it such a big deal with the birth date? I have good friends who are both older and younger then me, and the differences hardly show.

At my new workplace I have noticed that I tend to avoid the age subject. One of the first days there was a "speed-date" to get to know each other. We were presented by different subjects, like what did you do in the summer. I was talking to a guy and told him I have to boys ages 6 and 9. Then he replied "so you started early then, how old are you anyway?" My answer to this was "don`t you know your not suppose to ask a lady how old she is". Not the smartest thing to say I realized when time suddenly was up I and saw that he was embarrassed. Sorry! But age is just a number right! I think I`m just gonna pick a number that feels like me inside and answer that next time someone asks.

XOXO - Ida Karolina


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