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So about going veggie.. 

Made this for dinner yesterday. Veggie-minced-not-meat don't know what to call this product. I had 2kg in the freezer that I bought in Sweden this summer. I has lastet 5 dinners! 👊 1 taco dinner, 1 homemade pizza, 1 omelett and 2 dinners like this one. It's mxed whit some redonion and pepperbells and green peas fusilli 👌

I'm starting thinking am I going to make to go threw with it. Allready! Isn't that great... What about christmas.... I can make alternative meatballs..but no x-mas ham.. This tradisjons really go deep.. But we're not there yet! And we can only do one day at a time! 💖

XOXO Ida Karolina 


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