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New start, again

So I decided to get back to blogging again. It`s been on my mind for a while, and I really started to miss this. I had soo may ideas about how to continue and if I just should stick to one specific theeme or if it should be more like a lifestyle blog. But do I really need to pick just one.

Can`t I just see how it goes. All the ideas about if it should be this or that way kind of stopped me from just doing it. Some design changes might come up a long the way.

Last time I posted was I while after corona started. I still partly work from home and we are keeping our distance and beeing as careful as we can. None of our plans for the summer happened. My sisters was suppose to come from Sweden and we had plans to go to Denmark.

But maybe next year.

We stayed at home and have been doing a lot of gardening work. This is really a learning by doing kind of project. Dreaming, reading blogs, watching youtubes, trying out small projects on our own. Biggest succes this summer was the strawberry plants and the swimmingpool we bought for the boys. I eventually got my mini garden house up and it is still full of sallad and the beetroots are not yet harvested. So exited to see what will become of them. Those of you following my instagram have seen some of this.

So without further plan of when I will write again or what the topic will be I consider my blogg here by to be up again.



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